Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, & Radiation... Oh, My!

I will refrain from explaining the catastrophic events taking place in Japan at the moment, because I'd like to think the few people who do read my blog are educated enough to know all this. But I has a few other tangents to discuss about all this ish.

So Gilbert Gottfried got fired from Aflac (he does the voice of the duck) because he made some (insensitive?) Japan jokes via twitter. I understand that people think we're supposed to be praying to our gods, or donating money to the red cross, or giving our condolences at this time... but they were just jokes. I am a huge fan of ill-timed, too-soon jabs, and I don't understand how he can be fired from a job for his personal comments.

His jokes, which have since been deleted, were kind of funny to me: "Japan is really advanced. They don't go to the beach. The beach comes to them." or "I just split up with my girlfriend, but like the Japanese say, 'They'll be another one floating by any minute now.'"

Anyway, my condolences to Gilbert Gottfried, who I will always remember as the voice of Iago in Aladdin.

My next gripe is with the UCLA youtube sensation that is Alexandra Wallace. Instead of explaining, just watch the video if you haven't seen it:

Now, me being (half) asian and all, I did not find this offensive. I actually laughed. Asian people dooo always have their extended families doing everything for them. And yeah there are annoying, usually korean, girls "ling long ting tong"-ing on their cell phones. I don't think you can call these racist stereotypes cuz these people really do exist. Just like how stupid blonde bimbos exist and manage to get into UCLA in the first place. Maybe I'm just insensitive, but I don't think this girl deserves all the negative media attention. I think she should use the fame to be a D-list stand-up comedian...

And in case you have friends or family in Japan right now, remember AT&T offers free cell-phone calls to Japan until March 31. And Verizon offers free calls until April 11.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen is full of WIN

So i know Charlie Sheen is crazy... but after researching a bit, I realized he is so crazy he is awesome.

I took all my favorite quotes of his and had a computer voice speak them, creating this video:

I just can't get over the ridiculousness of what he says.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Banksy visiting for the Oscars?

Lately, there have been a bunch of vandalisms paintings popping up by the world-famous Banksy.
Charlie Brown Firestarter at an old, fire damaged building
His work always proves controversial, especially to the conservative yuppies who think his art is trash. I find his street art amazing.
Crayola Shooter just might be my favorite
Maybe people are just stupid and don't understand the value of his work... Urban Outfitters already filed to have the "Crayola Shooter" removed from the wall behind their building. CBS just took down his art because it covered one of their billboards. They were furious. Little did they know that his art on that billboard was valued at over $100,000... and CBS just trashed it.
Living The Dream
Many say this is Banksy's anti-Oscar campaign. His film, "Exit Through The Gift Shop" is up for Best Documentary. But the Academy banned him from appearing masked (he is still anonymous) on stage if he were to win. His film is amazing as well, I think everyone should check it out. And his art is awesome, I hope it keeps popping up in LA this week.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Check Yo Ponytail

The other night we had a sold-out show at the Echoplex called Check Yo Ponytail. Working for them is a good change of pace from the typical electronic/rave stuff I usually do.. And they always book hot, diverse, up-and-coming talent... and the club is frickin called Check Yo Ponytail. You have no idea how awkward I feel handing out flyers to girls as I say "Check Yo Ponytail."

Anyway, we had Yelawolf headline this past week. He was just signed to Eminem's label, and I've always kind of liked him... but I've never seen him live. I'm not a huge rap enthusiast, but for some reason I tend to like white boy rappers.Well, I was blown away by his performance and I think everyone should check him out.

Also, the show was cool because cool people were there. Travis Barker swung by, saw Tony Kanal from No Doubt leaving, Diplo jumped on stage, Kid Sister did one song on stage with Craze... And I remember at the previous show before this, Michael C Hall from Dexter stopped by. I don't really get star struck, but it's a pleasant surprise to see celebs in person.. especially when it's not at a fancy, superficial, dress-up event. This is definitely a small, packed venue with people who just wanna let loose.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I don't know what is wrong with me lately, but I have been suffering from the weirdest dreams nightmares. Like 3 nights in a row. It sucks because I don't remember my dreams, but I finally remembered one.. And I'm still trying to figure out what it means.

The other night I dreamt I was in the reality show Jersey Shore (refrain from criticism til the end, thank you)... And of course, I was chillin with Pauly D and getting along pretty well, as I always thought we would be good friends in real life. Anyway, my dream was in perspective like how you would watch it on MTV.

Then this is where it gets creepy. A killer comes into the house, and starts killing us one by one with a knife. Somehow all the doors are locked, and we are trapped. I remember Snooki hiding in the fridge. And just before the killer gets to me I wake up.

And I wake up breathing hard, in a cold sweat, and I sit straight up in my pitch black room. Seconds later, I get a feeling that there is an alien presence in the room with me that I cannot see. Instead of talking, the alien communicates through telepathy, implanting his thoughts into my head. He tells me "Go back to sleep so you don't feel the pain." I quickly oblige.

if the lights weren't off in my room, I probably would have seen this

Now I've decided I need to keep a journal by my bed so I can write down these nightmares. Or maybe I need to stop watching Jersey Shore? Or Ancient Aliens? Which is an amazingly awesome show, but I will dedicate an entire post to that show in the near future to convince you of its awesomeness..

Thursday, January 20, 2011

MTV's Skins = Child Porn?

This week, MTV premiered its show "Skins," which happens to be a (horrible?) remake of the hit UK series.

Now, I really wasn't drawn to the MTV version.. hence why I did not see it. But after reading all the controversial issues, I decided I have to watch it now. Most intriguing to me, MTV's skins is being blatantly labeled as child porn. This idea coming from the fact that they have actual 15/16/17 year olds in incredibly explicit sexual encounters and rampant drug use, and the filmed footage (even if not aired) of these kids. Now MTV is editing the show down to avoid legal battles.

The reason I hear that the US version fails, is because the UK version honestly portrays their youth.. where teens legally drink at 18, sex isn't as censored, and the societal status/classes are different. And the US version doesn't. Not to mention, copying the UK version with amateur actors and young writers seems to hinder the US version, as I've heard these US teen actors really suck.

Now, many parents are criticizing the show because the teens don't seem to have any negative consequences for their crazy antics. Others are criticizing the show for being too unrealistic. My opinion: I am all for this show, even if it was produced poorly. I am glad MTV took the risk to make a show about underage teens in what I think are realistic situations.

Maybe I am just in the small percent of people who had a crazy life like this, because it does not seem unrealistic at all. When I was a teen, I was surrounded by parties, drugs, sex, wreckless driving.. I had friends do porn, overdose, die... I guess most people just aren't ready to accept that there are teens like this. I happened to be one of them.

I will check out the MTV version.. but I think I'll just start watching the UK version, as I hear it is great. And who doesn't love British accents?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I just discovered that one of my favorite directors has a new indie comedy. That amazing director being Gregg Araki... and his newest film is Kaboom.

His new film seems promising to me. He says it goes back to his 90s style of film, which includes ridiculous WTF sci-fi end-of-the-world plotlines, pop-art color values, offensively witty dialogue, and of course sex and drugs. Let's just say I am more than excited. It premiered at Cannes Film Festival last year and will be shown at Sundance. If you happen to live in NY or LA there will be one screening in each at the end of January. Without further ado, i present the trailer for Kaboom:

And now a little background about why I love Gregg Araki. He is probably most known for his drama "Mysterious Skin," starring awesome Joseph-Gordon Levitt. Surprisingly, that was not one of my favorite films of his. He also did the stoner comedy "Smiley Face" with the talented Anna Faris, which also did not make my Araki favorites. I tend to like his older, 90s flicks... which is why I am so incredibly excited for Kaboom.

I first discovered his "Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy" when I was in high school... I think I found his film "Nowhere (1997)" as a discount VHS and it seemed compelling enough to buy. I am so glad I did. Its cast included the soon-to-be stars: Heather Graham, Ryan Phillippe, Scott Caan, Mena Suvari as well as Beverly D'Angelo, Shannen Doherty, Rose McGowan, John Ritter, and Christina Applegate. Araki described the film as "A Beverly Hills, 90210 episode on acid," and I agree. After the film, I could only think WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! After some research I discovered that was the third film in the trilogy, so I was on a quest to find the others.

Yes, that's an alien

Indie films are so hard to find. But after special ordering online, I found the second film, "The Doom Generation (1995)," starring Rose McGowan, with cameos by Parker Posey and Margaret Cho. This black comedy also had an erotically violent WTF ending. I decided I HAD TO FIND THE FIRST FILM.

After years of searching, I finally found a copy this week. "Totally Fucked Up (1993)" is currently on my computer and I am waiting to watch it. Not sure how I feel about having seen these films in backwards order, but even though the films seem like they don't make sense, artistically they have so much depth and interpretation. After reading interviews with Araki, he has so many layers and reasons for why he wrote/directed as he did. It is so amazing to watch something over and over and interpret it differently each time.

So, if you are down for some offensively-weird sci-fi candy-colored sex-filled drug-sprinkled entertainment... check out his stuff. if you can find it.